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Fund my personal project

Fundraising is not (yet) my forte, but this project is so important to me and so close to my heart that I’ve decided to put aside my pride and take a chance at raising money.

I evolved today. Today I saved my life.

Unraveling the secret of life is by far my favorite thing to do. It took me decades to understand a little bit about this wonderful complex thing called life, but I’m getting better and faster at it (better late than never, right?). I know that if I let go of bad habits, false beliefs and old pain I will be free, yet such freedom scares me more than the darkness. Why is that? But if I want to make change in my life and in the world I have to learn to take care of myself in terms of what I eat, what I think, what I speak about. It’s time to move the way my soul moves. It’s time to remember my light, our light, our divinity, including snatching back my power and changing the game. And I’ll work and love and make myself ready for transformation even if it scares the hell out of me.

Days of fasting

I’m fasting for an entire year to evolve, to save myself and maybe even the planet, I don’t know. My name is Rosita, currently living in The Netherlands and I am just a happy soul fasting her Ego-self, awakening her Cosmic Higher-Self. In 2018 I fasted during the weekdays and intermittent fasting in the weekends to mentally and physically prepare for my 365 days pranic.water.juice fasting challenge starting 01/01/2019.


Spiritual growth is a full-time job.

In my experience of just wanting to study, volunteer or just travel abroad, I know that cost is a barrier. Funding would make it easy for me to budget for studies, for hiking trips around the world, and maybe even meet my donors. I believe in the power of spiritual growth and traveling, and want to finally start creating heaven on earth! Fasting, spiritual growth, transforming, blogging, vlogging, writing, making arts are fulltime jobs (I’m talking from experience). I’ve worked most of my teen and adult life for sectors that are mentally and emotionally draining, under pressurized conditions and were workers are fired on the spot. I just can’t go another day living like this. Freedom is about being so truly, deeply and madly attached to your own soul that you can’t bear – if only for a moment – a life that doesn’t honor it.

Tuning into abundance.

My goal with fasting also is to achieve a higher abundance consciousness: getting rich on purpose. Abundance consciousness is the belief that there’s plenty of good, wealth, happiness, abundance for all; both materially (money and stuff) and intangible (love, joy, luck, inner peace, wisdom, peace, creativity, health, beauty, knowledge, awareness, intelligence and even time abundance, etc…). I will be “documenting” my fasting journey on a daily basis (mostly enlightenment, intuition, spiritual, mindset, manifestations, wealth and how I spend the donations etc…) in the form of video’s, podcasts and blogs. I will also develop a variety of different courses in different areas of spirituality and personal growth.

I wasn’t born to doubt myself

I wasn’t born to feel bad about myself, to question my soul’s desires or even to hang out and die in the toxic zone of a comfort zone. I was born to be free, to explore life beyond the boundaries of comfort zones, to expand my heart and mind and awareness. I am here to set myself free from family’s and society’s burden, to follow the deepest yearnings of my soul and pursue quests that are beyond human understanding. So now I’m choosing differently and changing the course and direction of my story in accordance with the wishes of my heart.

So, can you relate to my mission? Or do you have any questions? Let me know in the chat. I’m always happy to chat about my progress and take my mind off the hunger.

Countdown 365 days fasting

About me

I’m fasting for an entire year to evolve; fasting my Ego-self, awakening my Higher-Cosmic Self.

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